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The EASTON MAKO collection of baseball cleats is a game changer with men's, women's, youth and children's shoes for everything from fastball, to softball and slowpitch.   The EASTON MAKO TPU men's cleat has been engineered to offer unparalleled performance with it's dynamic CXN FLEX system and CORK ADVANTAGE internal cushioning system.   From the ground up the MAKO TPU grips the field providing superior traction and explosive speed with it's patented V-CLEAT technology supported by the CXN FLEX zone which allows for maximum flexibility and natural foot motion.   The CXN FLEX zone continues through the upper of the shoe enhancing this natural movement for explosive pivotal acceleration.   The CORK ADVANTAGE system found in the MAKO TPU and MAKO METAL cleat provides extreme comfort combining memory foam, cork and 2 layers of supportive cushioning giving the athlete the best wearing cleat in the game.    From Rubber to TPU to Metal this performance cleated footwear offers the player the EASTON footwear advantage.   Whether you are batting, pitching or fielding EASTON footwear is the difference!